Why Flowmation?

We founded Flowmation Systems in 1992 to provide real time data for brewers and winemakers to:

  • Meet sales requirements at target costs and product specifications
  • Respond to changing levels of demand
  • Ensure smooth, efficient production and supply chain operations

Traditional systems, including spreadsheets and enterprise software tools, are not integrated to support smooth production and supply chain operations, in the unique world of brewing and wine making. But Flowmation Systems software:

  • Provides real time, fully integrated data on operational activities and metrics, across production and quality areas
  • Improves operating efficiency and increases yields
  • Increases production and lowers inventories
  • Is easy for brewers and vintners to use, requiring minimal training
  • Is rapidly deployed, typically in 2 to 3 months
  • System costs are eligible for several government grant programs
  • Focuses 100% on beer and wine production
We're proud of our track record with prominent clients like Molson, Sleeman and Moosehead Breweries, Vincor International and Andres Wines. We welcome the opportunity to bring powerful, high value information solutions to new customers.
Peter Macwilliam, Flowmation President