Why not ERP?

Beer and winemaking is part science, part art. Traditional software systems for planning, scheduling or executing-like Enterprise Resource Planning-primarily target corporate users outside the brewery, winery and vineyard industries.

Consequently, brewers and vintners are not typically well served by traditional systems, and can expend valuable time working with spreadsheets, paper documents, and data entries to separate systems. Timeliness and accuracy are always challenging.

Detail orientated

Yes, ERP systems can include the brew house and cellar tanks as "inventory locations," along with transactions, quantities and cost, but lack meaningful visibility and relevance to brewers, vintners and operations staff beyond these values.

Why? Because you need greater detail than ERP delivers. Data on beer or wine tank contents and characteristics like alcohol by volume (ABV), pH and fermenter curves, for example. Wine and beer production use a batch process, while ERP systems focus predominantly on discreet parts; as a result, ERP has difficulty handling bulk wine and beer production requirements like:

  • Trial blending to meet flavour profiles
    and cost requirements
  • Standard costing and labelling requirements
  • Integrating production process and quality testing data
  • Tracking liquid movements, losses and alcohol levels
  • Product recall and ingredient traceability

Bridging the Gap

Flowmation Systems can bridge the gap left by traditional software vendors. Automation is one step; maintaining consistent quality is quite another.

Our software solutions give you unprecedented control, at a fraction of the cost and risk of traditional software solutions. We are 100% focused on beer and wine production.

Proven Track Record

Our systems drill down to a greater level of detail than ERP. Unlike traditional enterprise software tools, Flowmation Systems first developed and deployed software specifically for Molson Breweries, then Sleeman and Moosehead Breweries, Vincor International, Andres Wines, and others.

Flowmation provides real time data relevant to management and operational staff.