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To streamline production from bottling to sales
Once you've produced your beer or wine, our Finished Product & Packaging (FinProd) system coordinates warehouse inventory and production scheduling so finished products match customer demand

What sets us apart? FinProd Highlights

  • Calculates all components, labels, bottles, caps, cartons and more, which is required to turn bulk liquids into finished products in less time
  • Schedules the bottling process
  • Minimizes set up costs on production lines
  • Manages component purchase orders and inventories, customer orders for finished products, and production schedules
  • Distributes this information across functions like production, materials, planning, engineering, finance and sales/marketing to align processes, improve communication between departments, and enhance productivity
  • Forecasts sales of finished product so production meets market demand
  • Creates opportunities to lower costs and increase sales, market share and margins
  • Improves financial reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Manages inventory in multiple locations

Leading the field

FinProd can manage multiple information sources to deliver real time and forecasting data. The system is easy to set up and user friendly. Wineries and breweries can lower costs through increased productivity, better inventory control, reduced duplication, and less lead time to take products to market.

Integrated information - Fin Prod centralizes multiple databases in a single system to improve data accuracy, enhance communication across departments and with customers, and reduce redundancy and data

Efficient technology
- This system supports strategic planning and management activities, and streamlines critical business processes

Easy data accessibility - FinProd gives you access to real time data and provides mobile functionality so you can always remain connected on business processes and performance

Better security - Flowmation's system improves data integrity, security and restrictions to protect customer and company information

Streamline resource management - FinProd manages the flow of resources to increase operational efficiency, monitor crucial processes, and prevent production delays

Easy reporting - With real time access to data you can generate reports anytime

Accuracy and consistency - Our system enables clients to maintain consistent, accurate data throughout the organization, improving visibility and performance