We're familiar with our clients' budget constraints. In response, Flowmation Systems designed an innovative pricing model, where our software systems are priced proportionately to your production output, without compromising system effectiveness. In addition, we offer multiple product and multi-site discounts. Our clients tell us this pricing model is fair and a good fit for their specific business needs.

Licenses can be purchased and capitalized as a one-time cost, or leased monthly. The monthly lease includes support and maintenance. The one-time purchase includes support and maintenance for the first year, and is an optional cost thereafter. There are no hidden costs per user, because the number of users is unlimited. We charge initial data loading and training on a per diem basis, with a customized approach for each customer.

ROI: Your return on investment

  • Our system integrates information and visibility across all production and quality areas
  • Plan more efficiently to minimize downtime and maximize throughput
  • You can improve operating efficiency, increase production and yields, and lower inventories
  • Stabilize and enhance your product quality, with full product genealogy
  • Our system reduces the time, effort and cost of compliance reporting
  • System costs are eligible for several government grant programs
  • Minimize costly operating errors, by having the right information at the right time to make informed,effective decisions
Q: Do you have a successful winery, vineyard or brewery that would benefit from powerful
and flexible production management tools?

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