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To enhance the winemaking cycle,
quality and profits
WIS gathers data to increase profitability, optimize resources, reduce loss, provide infrastructure for strong growth in the wine industry, and assist with regulatory audits

What sets us apart? WIS Highlights

  • Industry leader with the first comprehensive, integrated winery information system
  • Designed to help large, medium and small-scale wineries manage day-to-day operations, and retain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Real time system gives operational and management staff visibility into the complete winemaking cycle
  • WIS collects current and historical information on grape receipts, blending, cellar operations, manufacturing status, barrel lot tracking, bulk wine receipts, supply chain and shipments, quality control and lab analyses
  • Intuitive, powerful application lets winemakers and operators focus on making quality wine, instead of chasing paper, reports and data
  • 15 wineries ranging in size from 100,000 to three million cases per year count on Flowmation Systems to manage winery operations
  • Software application designed by vintners and developed by information technology specialists with bulk liquids background

Leading the field

Canada's largest winery replaced an acknowledged industry-leading system with Flowmation's Winery Information System.

Why? While many solutions address winery and back office functions, only Flowmation offers a strong platform for product costing, other corporate reporting requirements, and wine production management tools


WIS offers value added functionality

  • Full query and tracking/tracing capabilities-including generation of complete regulatory reports and audit trails-resulting in virtual elimination of paper record keeping
  • work ticket and work schedule activity control
  • adaptable software architecture: dream up a new function with your data and quickly put it into action
  • Resides on local network or can be hosted
  • Data/reports can be seamlessly inputted, reported and transferred to MS Office products
  • Provides real time inventory control and liquid movement traceability
  • Provides a complete record of all winemaking activity
  • Supports virtual winery and co-packing
  • Integrated quality and process information
  • Simplifies Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) processes
  • One-time intuitive data entry
  • Real-time data entry error checking
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited user defined products and processes
  • Real time wine and ingredient inventory by lot code at any point in time
  • Product recall trace back/forward
  • Meets bio-terrorism requirements
  • Barrel management with bar codes
  • Tracks wine composition to the block level