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To elevate efficiency, product quality
and profitability
The Brewing Information System plans, schedules and tracks beer production, integrates data, identifies costs and potential savings, and maintains quality control across the brew house and cellars to produce consistent, high quality beer

What sets us apart? BIS Highlights

  • Generates a Master Brewing Plan based on demand and inventory to increase production and lower inventories
  • Manages a brewing schedule based on brand recipe centre times
  • Manages and tracks the fermentation process and generates operator work lists
  • Tracks the movement of beer at all stages and provides genealogy
  • Manages a filtration schedule based on bright beer demand, recipes and inventory
  • Calculates future ingredient requirements and maintains a perpetual inventory at the lot level
  • Provides management reporting, including gains and losses, inventories, performance management, quality indexing and regulatory reporting
  • Improves operating efficiency and increases yields
  • Six large breweries use BIS to manage 500,000 to four million hectolitres a year

Leading the field

Flowmation built the powerful, intuitive Brewery Information System specifically for the brewing industry to replace the use of documentation or multiple spread sheets. We created BIS based entirely on the needs, specifications, design requirements and recommendations of brewers themselves.

The system works in complete harmony with typical brewery practices and can, therefore, mirror existing operations. As a result, BIS users experience a twofold benefit: reduced training time and immediate efficiency improvements.


BIS delivers cutting edge advantages

Personalize the user experience - BIS maps tasks to key roles in your brewery, such as head brewer, operators, packaging, management, quality control and more, so each employee can work smarter and more efficiently

Achieve business insight for decisive action - BIS helps you respond rapidly with access to real time, integrated information - from across your brewing fermenting, aging, racking, filtration and storage operations - so you can make successful decisions with confidence and speed

Access critical data - Minimize costly operating errors by having the right information available at the right time to make informed, effective decisions

Protect your brand - In today's business environment, regulatory compliance is essential to survival and success; BIS reduces the time and cost of tax and regulatory reporting compliance, HAACP requirements and bioterrorism regulations

Adapt easily for faster return on investment - Unlike other systems that require you to adapt your practices to match pre-defined processes, resulting in an expensive, long-term implementation, BIS conforms to the way you work and scales to your specific business needs: our quick installation and high user acceptance levels produce a faster return on investment