Company Profile

We founded Flowmation Systems in 1992, because we realized traditional ERP systems could not adequately handle beer production and inventory to meet sales targets and timing. Our team developed the system for Molson Coors (then Molson), one of the world's leading breweries, with a lot of input from brewers and operators to ensure the fit was right. We moved from a pilot to full production system, installed in 10 breweries ranging in size from 200,000 hectolitres to four million hL. In addition, brewers needed to display quality testing results, inventory and process data, which led us to create a full blown lab system: the Quality Information System (QIS) was born.

Next, leaders at Vincor International, a premier producer and marketer of wines, were impressed with our accomplishments at Molson. Flowmation built a winery version of the brewery software system for Vincor, which went into production in 12 wineries. Along the way, we learned that managing grape production needed its own system, distinct from the winery version, and we developed the Vineyard Information System (VIS).

These systems have been continuously improved since their inception, in response to changing business requirements change and smart ideas from our user communities.

Our Mission

To be the premier developer of winery, vineyard and brewery software through powerful, high valued, information systems.

"We strive to continually strengthen our mission
given our experience, with innovative solutions,
products and software, and with a strong
commitment to excellence."
Peter Macwilliam, Flowmation President
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